Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ASSIGNMENT 3 redesign -finishing up

I had some trouble with making the animation. Things just weren't lining up properly but I managed to get something done^. I tried doing a walk-through style animation but it came out very jumpy and it was harder to manage and in the end it turned out 5 minutes long and it was mostly boring over zoomed bits. So I decided to just use the auto rotate and explode animation wizard in the end. But I even had trouble with that just with lining it up, size, and whenever I saved it, it would only save the first two seconds until I realised after saving you have to wait for the animation to play out completely though solidworks.

This is what I whipped up for a presentation board with the 6 rendered images:

I decided to name it The Mighty eco mouse..just because I wanted to play on some words like with 'mouse' I didn't want it to be a plain computer mouse and I just thought of Mighty Mouse and the Planeteer style heros who look after the earth and because the mouse is eco friendly being made of wood and natural things etc etc, the mighty eco-mouse happened.

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